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First Edition Books

I have been collecting First Edition Books for almost 15 years. My passion began after I read (for the second time) a series of books by my favourite Author the incomparable Patrick O'Brian. Patrick's Aubrey-Maturin Series of Naval Historical Fiction is, for me, the best fiction ever written. I decided to collect the series and then as they became more expensive I decided to collect other Authors that I enjoyed and the bug was well and truly caught.. To some extent I am a victim of my own 'pickiness' in that I do not put anything into my Collection that is anything less than Fine apart from one or two older titles (the vast majority of my books would be classed as Very Fine) I think this is the only way to be with a pastime where 'condition is everything'

Why buy First Editions ?
  • Collecting First Edition Books is not a get rich quick scheme, they are a passion and collectors should use their instincts, read books and collect their favourite Authors
  • First Edition books are collector's items and there is nothing more satisfying than adding to your collection something that you have sought out after a great deal of searching
  • First Editions do tend to increase in value over time and with this in mind and the fact that they can be fun to collect and look after makes for a very satisfying pastime
Identify First Editions
  • Look for the date of publications
  • Could be signed, lined and sometimes doodled.

Our Collection

You can browse through our collection of hyper modern first edition books and choose from a wide selection. If you are looking for some other first editions that are not listed on our site please feel free to contact us. The books have all been grouped into the following categories: adventure fiction, children's fiction, science fiction/fantasy, crime fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction and collector's editions. Use the search button above to search for first edition books.

Signed First Edition Books

Our books have been collected over a number of years and probably 80% have been signed by the Authors face to face at promotional signing events. The rest have been purchased from some of the country's most respected First Edition book dealers.

Our Guarantee

Our modern first edition books are all in Superb condition and we take the utmost care with our condition descriptions. We are more than happy to send photographs and a more in depth 'condition' statement if this is required. When shipped all our books are individually wrapped, and stored flat and out of sunlight. If you are not delighted with your purchase we will give a full refund. Payments are managed through PayPal so you can rest assured your payment will be secure.